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1. Hilarious pictures of dogs looking like something … – Daily Mail

Hilarious pictures of dogs looking like something ... - Daily Mail
Dog lovers from the US and US have shared photos of their pets as part of the #LookAlikeChallenge – with the best examples collated in a …

2. Hilarious snaps of pooches who wish their owner … – Daily Mail


Hilarious snaps show exasperated dogs who wish their owners hadn't … In another, a dog can't hide his horrified expression as his owner …

3. Horrific moment 100 dogs covered in fleas and … – Daily Mail


California dog rescue agency Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa rescued 100 dogs living in squalor from a Bakersfield trailer property earlier this month.

4. Badger the spaniel who was found dumped in a … – Daily Mail


Rescued Badger the black cocker spaniel trained by the police as a sniffer dog; Crime-fighting dog was dumped in a bucket as a puppy and …

5. Owners share hilarious photos of their dogs … – Daily Mail


Looking ruff! Hilarious photos capture dogs caught in VERY unflattering poses – from squished faces to double chins. By Harry Howard For …

6. Exasperated owners share photos of their … – Daily Mail


In the dog house! Owners share snaps of their pets looking guilty after being caught misbehaving – including a naughty pair who chewed …

7. Adorable dog ruins family photos with siblings by … – Daily Mail


Hina, an adorable White Shiba, is pictured with her mouth open in each of the snaps while her family's other dogs Sasha, Kikko and Momo wait …

8. Funny dog moment: German shepherd scurries for … – Daily Mail


Ms Wang, Happy's owner and a dog trainer, told MailOnline that her pet had a naturally timid personality and was taught to avoid being hostile …

9. Are these the UK's naughtiest dogs? | Daily Mail Online


In the dog house! Photo competition reveals some of the UK's NAUGHTIEST pooches – including destroyed beds and chewed up cushions.

10. Goofy guard dog Noodles wins owner oodles of … – Daily Mail


Goofy 'mood-lifting' guard dog Noodles wins owner oodles of cash by claiming 'comedy pet photo of the year' prize. By Pa 21:21 EST 24 Nov …

11. Barking mad! Are these the world's daftest dogs? | Daily Mail …


Owners share snaps of their VERY silly dogs – including a Labrador biting its own reflection and a bulldog stuck behind the toilet. By Chloe …

12. BBC SPOTY Lewis Hamilton shares slice of cake … – Daily Mail


Racing star Lewis Hamilton, 35, shared the video on his dog's Instagram account and showed the pair sharing a slice from the bone-shaped …